My trip to Imax

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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OMW, my wife and I went down to the Imax in Chattanooga. We went to see the show on the Hubble telescope. I was looking forward to seeing the pictures of deep space. I highly recommend seeing the Hubble show.

As I sat there what played out before my eyes brought back a discussion I heard on the Rabbi Tovia Singer Show. On the show they took a question about on of the Hebrew words and Names of God, E-l-o-h-i-m.

Below is a paraphrased version with added thought of mine as I watched the universe unfold before me on the big screen.

The opening statement of the Hebrew Scriptures (Torah) is, “In the beginning God…) the Hebrew word that is translated as God here is, ‘E-l-o-h-i-m’.

In the discussion we were taught that the word E-l-o-h-i-m not only is a plural word but also points an attribute of God and this attribute is vastness.

There are other Hebrew words that do the same thing. Like the word for water – ‘mayim’ even though it appears in a plural form it is water not waters, it can denote a drop or an ocean.

What can we learn from this? If one would walk to any sea shore and bend down and cup their palm, could they hold all the water of the ocean in their palm? No the ocean is vast. This is the picture we get from the word E-l-o-h-i-m, He is vast and not able to be contained.

The ancient rabbis teach us that the creation does not contain God it is God that contains the creation within Him. This is how He is omnipresent. They also teach us that the mentioning of the creation of the heavens and earth in the first verse teaches that He created, ‘heavens’ – the spiritual realm, all that is not seen by any human means; ‘earth’ – all that is physical including all that is contained within the universe.

The creation of the heavens and earth contain even within them a vastness that is unfathomable. So as I sat there looking at pictures of galaxies far far way I knew that if I could travel to the farthest on He would be there because He is E-l-o-h-i-m.

Trying to grasp Him is like holding the ocean in my palm; all I can do is hold maybe a tea spoon full at a time in my palm. So what does this say about those running around saying that the know God? They only have a tea spoon amount of knowledge at best.

As I sat there trying to grasp what little of the universe that He has allowed us to see I began to tear up at the vastness of the God who made me and loved me enough to create me in His image; to be able to have a share of Him In me when He put the divine spark (soul) in this hump of clay.

I hope this blog inspires someone to meditate on the vastness of God as they look up into sky and know that E-l-o-h-i-m is not able to be contained, not by space, time, the human mind or knowledge.

All of this was inspired by pictures that took my eyes billions of light years away from my little dirt mound in eastern Tennessee.

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