Truth not so easy to bear

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I find it interesting how many Christians get on to blog sites and spout of their beliefs in ways to try to cause people to follow them. But when faced with truth they will ignore you, delete your comment or just call G-d a liar but denouncing His very word.

Several such events have happened recently. As one blogger whose avatar was a picture of her breast in a very low cut shirt – her blog was about screaming repentance. I commented on how her message was to no avail; matter of fact here was my response:

“I find this blog of no value and without merit as for you are screaming ‘repent’ as you think you are godly but it come along side of an avi that displays a very immodest dressed woman which now you are the result of causing many men to sin with their eyes – for the Torah teaches us that “with your heart and eyes you stray from Me”

You do not know how many men you have caused to sin and there is no way to make amends with them to ask for their forgiveness so your avi has done more damage than your message has done good.

Go and study Ezekiel 18 for in the Hebrew it reveals how a wicked person causes his soul to live and not die”

As of this morning my response was deleted – by this I have concluded that it must be easier for a Christian to bare their breast for the world to see than to bear the truth.

  1. Carol Cleary says:

    Excellent blogs, all of them. Thank you for your inspiring and challenging thoughts –

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